Top 26 entrepreneur podcasts to listen to in 2017

Stalwarts return and some newcomers make CIO's list of top podcasts in 2017.

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At CIO magazine we have witnessed the ascent of podcasts, and some of them are now veritable behemoths in entertainment. One aspect that makes podcasts so popular is that they provide a different perspective on every day subject matter. Listeners hear straight from featured guests and, through the dialogue, capture the intonation, follow-up answers and applications that are otherwise lacking from reading about “best practices” or “hacks” from the most inspirational experts. For entrepreneurs, this type of perspective can be worth a lot.

All entrepreneurs, both established and aspiring, should check out these podcasts in 2017, assembled after a year of research listening and vetting.

1. The Unconventional Life Show with Jules Schroeder

Airing on the Forbes Under30 channel, The Unconventional Life Show with Jules Schroeder takes a closer look at entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators. All of the subjects on the podcast are changing their field, and it’s worth listening to if you’re looking for a novel, deep-dive perspective on success.

2. As Told By Nomads

Tayo Rockson’s As Told By Nomads profiles leaders from around the world. Each episode discusses themes such as business, entrepreneurship, travel, culture and international affairs with global leaders.

3. Start From Nothing: The Foundation Podcast with Andy Drish

Andy Drish is an entrepreneur who focuses on helping aspiring entrepreneurs break into the field – but have no funding, experience or idea how to go about it. His podcast for his company, The Foundation, has current entrepreneurs teach starting entrepreneurs valuable lessons, giving them the resources to succeed.

4. The Top

The Top, Nathan Latka’s podcast, dives into how much some of the top entrepreneurs are making. If a top entrepreneur makes a massive business deal, expect to hear about it on The Top in just 15 minutes a piece.

5. Entrepreneur On Fire

Every day, John Lee Dumas interviews some of the most motivational entrepreneurs on his podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire. There are over 1,500 entrepreneurs that Dumas has interviewed, so you’re bound to find something that resonates with you.

6. Mixergy

One question every starting entrepreneur has is “how do I create a successful startup?” In Andrew Warner’s Mixergy, successful entrepreneurs are interviewed to answer some of the biggest questions you might have about your startup.

7. Making The Entrepreneur

Jess Catorc cuts through the stress of understanding all the technical aspects of entrepreneurship and tells people what they want to know: How to become an entrepreneur. Each episode of Making The Entrepreneur has a featured entrepreneur who teaches colorful, important lessons – without the boring, technical details you don’t need to know.

8. The Art Of Charm

One of the top podcasts on iTunes, The Art Of Charm teaches you how to become more charismatic, personable and approachable. Jordan Harbinger, dubbed the “Charlie Rose of podcasts” by Inc., runs social engineering experiments that pay tribute to the two times he was kidnapped while traveling through war zones--and talked his way out of it. Forming relationships is an important part of entrepreneurship, so those looking to become more social can benefit from these lessons.

9. The Millionaire Mindcast

Do you want to be a millionaire? Then The Millionaire Mindcast is the perfect podcast to listen to. In the podcast, aspiring millionaires will learn how to work toward the millionaire life while collaborating with others with the same goal.

10. Millennial

The name practically says it all. Millennial, a podcast started by Megan Tan, explores her personal journey. Any millennial who is looking to improve their life – through entrepreneurship or anything else – should find this podcast addicting and inspiring.

11. The Tim Ferriss Show 

The Tim Ferriss Show has been a staple on iTunes for the past three years, and that trend is bound to continue. Tim Ferriss’ wildly popular podcast looks at the top-performers in any field and breaks down what makes them great.

12. The Lively Show

Every entrepreneur can find something to take out of The Lively Show, Jess Lively’s podcast. Each episode has a common theme: simplifying. As Lively explores a number of topics, she also shares her advice on how to approach all issues, both small and large.

13. School Of Greatness

Lewis Howe’s podcast, School Of Greatness, has guests from all sorts of professions come on and discuss how they do what they do. There are plenty of lessons to be learned from Howe’s guests, each of which has achieved greatness their own way.

14. Create Your Own Life With Jeremy Ryan Slate

The goal of Create Your Own Life is to inspire entrepreneurs across the planet. Every entrepreneurial journey is different, and Jeremy Ryan Slate aims to provide them with resources to help make individual journeys a little easier.

15. Bulletproof Radio

Life isn’t just about reaching goals – it’s also about staying healthy and maintaining a great lifestyle. Bulletproof Radio by Dave Asprey goes into the different types of goods, exercises and technologies people should use to stay as healthy as can be, both mentally and physically.

16. Can I Pick Your Brain?

How do entrepreneurs do it? Well, every person has their own story, and each story can provide a new perspective. Daniel Gefen interviews entrepreneurs to share their rock bottom to success stories, along with other lessons to take away.

17. Smart Passive Income

An easy way to break into entrepreneurship is by starting an online business. Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast helps aspiring entrepreneurs learn lessons, get advice and hear experts’ opinions on online businesses.

18. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Rock star entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk shares just about everything on his podcast, The GaryVee Audio Experience. One of the most connected entrepreneurs out there, Vaynerchuk provides some of the most inspirational material for just about everyone.

19. Eventual Millionaire

Austin, Texas-based Jamie Masters explores some of the biggest questions aspiring entrepreneurs have. What do millionaires do differently? How do I become one? In her podcast Eventual Millionaire, these questions, and others, are answered by successful entrepreneurs.

20. Knowledge For Men

A show perfect for male entrepreneurs, Knowledge For Men acts as the guidebook for what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Not only do tips on wealth and business get shared, but you’ll also learn how to better yourself in your personal life.

21. The Solopreneur Hour

If you consider yourself unemployable (in the best way possible), the The Solopreneur Hour with Michael O’Neal is perfect. Not everyone is meant for a normal job, and this podcast is the destination for those that want to break away from their job and employ themselves.

22. This Is Your Life

Michael Hyatt uses his podcast, This Is Your Life, to teach people how to live their life to the fullest. His podcast aims to add purpose, passion and focus to your life, whether it be professionally or personally.

23. Freedom Fast Lane

Ryan Daniel Moran helps give entrepreneurs the answers to some questions they might have after starting their business. Most podcasts are all about generating growth for your business, and the little tricks you should be using.

24. I Love Marketing

Not everybody loves marketing. Fortunately, Joe Polish and Dean Jackson do, and their podcast, I Love Marketing, breaks down some marketing moves you might have never thought of on your own. In short, this is the perfect podcast for those who want to learn about marketing.

25. The MFCEO Project

Andy Frisella knows that success can be hard to attain – it took him years to finally see his business begin to sustain itself. His podcast, The MFCEO Project, aims to educate and inspire leaders who have or are planning on starting their own business.

26. The Power of Great

A newcomer in 2016, former NCAA athlete Matt Crane talks with marketing and sales influencers who focus on networking with Millennials and the newest entrants to the workforce in Generation Z. Starting with a live-stream on Periscope and no email list, Crane built a near-100-thousand person following and a top spot on iTunes’ podcast list.

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