16 top HR software suites compared — an essential buyer's guide

This comprehensive report evaluates 16 human capital management (HCM) products across 50 software capabilities, from recruitment to exit interviews, and every step in-between. Download your free copy today.

Seven out of 10 companies say that “employee engagement” is critical to their organization’s success, according to an oft-cited Gallup poll. Now those companies are counting on HR software to help them get a clearer picture of their workforce and encourage greater engagement.

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), an independent research firm, has produced a comprehensive report on human capital management (HCM) software to help companies select the right suite for their needs.

The TEC buyer’s guide compares 16 HCM suites — from vendors such as Ceridian, Cornerstone, Kronos, SAP and Workday – across 50 software features, including recruitment tasks, personalized new-hire onboarding, “flight risk indicators,” performance evaluations, employee feedback, employee rewards, mentoring, targeted skills development, employee satisfaction surveys, exit interviews, data visualization and mobile access.

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