IT certifications that can boost your business’s marketing efforts

With the boom of technology, business owners shouldn't think of marketing and IT as two separate skills.

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Technology is always evolving and for businesses to remain relevant, they need to evolve with it. When technology supports a business’s marketing efforts, those certifications must meet today’s latest trends. By investing in the certifications necessary to achieve your marketing goals, your business can satisfy end users and ensure your team is a valued part of your business moving forward.

But many IT departments can’t afford to hire workers with the latest skills. Professionals with the most popular certifications command six-figure salaries, which often aren’t an option for IT teams. Instead of hiring someone with certifications already in place, your business does have the option of certifying the employees you already have. They’ll see it as an investment in their careers and you’ll have the benefit of a highly-qualified team member. Here are a few certifications that can help your IT team grow.

Cloud and virtualization

Marketing relies heavily on cloud solutions, so it’s important your IT team include at least one employee who is certified in this area. There is no one certification that applies to all cloud computing work. However, there is a path to cloud career certification that can help your team improve its credentials. While it may take multiple certifications for each employee, with each new certification an employee completes, you’ll have another accomplishment to add to what your team brings to the work they do each day.

Data science

Businesses have already begun the shift toward a reliance on data for every marketing effort. By having one or more of your employees certified in data science, you’ll be able to impress the end users you serve by being able to pull data and help them use it to make marketing decisions. Otherwise, you may find that the department heads choose to go elsewhere for the information they need to remain competitive within their industry.

Disaster recovery

No business is immune from natural disasters. But a well-prepared IT team can help its end users quickly move past any damage it suffers. Disaster recovery-certified employees enable IT teams to reassure clients that if disaster strikes, there will be minimal downtime. This will give them the confidence of knowing that they’ll be able to continue to serve their customers if the worst happens. In addition to the certification, this employee should be assigned to prepare documents that protect every area of a client’s operations and regularly update those documents to cover any changes a business experiences from one year to the next.


The need for devices and networks to be secure hasn’t changed over the years. However, the methods for securing everything do tend to change over time. There will always be a demand for skilled security professionals on IT teams, but there are multiple security certifications available. One security breach can undo years of hard marketing work, harming a business’s reputation, and the responsibility for that often falls on I.T.

Database administration

Databases serve as the foundation of every marketing team’s work. Certifying your database administrators in specialized solutions like MySQL will give your team credibility with business leaders. Oracle offers several different database administrator certifications for its solutions.

Mobile App Development

Marketing teams now use mobile apps to reach out to customers and grow their brand. By sending at least one of your developers to get certified, you’ll be able to delegate those assignments to your most capable team members. You’ll face the challenge of trying to ensure your team members are certified on developing apps for the various mobile platforms that are available now.

Project management

Projects have grown increasingly important to marketing teams, making business analysts and project managers more important than ever. By having certified project managers as part of your team, your end users will come to you whenever they need help kicking off and running a tech project. Certifications are also available in risk management for your projects, so your team members may be able to use their expertise to review existing projects and offer advice on avoiding costly risk.

Getting your IT teams certified may be costly, but it’s an expense that will demonstrate to your business’s marketing teams that you’re committed to helping them. When you invest in your employees’ future, they’ll be more loyal. They’ll also increase your team’s collective value, making your end users rely on you for advice and guidance in addition to the daily support and management you provide to their infrastructure.

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