Cloud made easy: Get started with Digital Ocean

Build a web presence in minutes with DigitalOcean’s dead-simple cloud service

When the boss wants a prototype as soon as possible or a client needs something tomorrow, the cloud is the best place to turn. You can have a fully configured machine serving data in minutes.

One of the most developer-friendly options is DigitalOcean, a cloud that offers fast machines at reasonable prices, delivering them in seconds. It doesn’t offer the fancier features that the major cloud providers do—at this writing—but it does package raw machines in a way that’s a breeze to deploy. If you’re a developer with an idea that needs a home, DigitalOcean’s machines are blank slates ready to go.

What’s on offer

Once paid for, DigitalOcean instances, called droplets, generally start in less than a minute. When combined with their reasonable pricing, this speed makes DigitialOcean droplets ideal for the buildup and tear-down common when testing and debugging new sites. With droplets, experimentation is easy.

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