Apple Watch: Mute Activity app sharing notifications

Activity sharing with your Apple Watch can be a great way to encourage a more active lifestyle, but you can mute notifications via your iPhone if they prove to be too annoying.

apple watch activity goals

The Activity app in watchOS 3 is a great way to encourage people to become more active. And one of the new ways to do that is sharing your activity with family and friends.

When you share your Activity data with friends and family members, you will get a notification when they close their rings, finish a workout or complete an achievement. So you can easily see what they've done that day.

Sharing your Activity data can be quite useful in encouraging your circle of friends and family members to increase their movement each day. When one person finishes a workout or achievement, the notification is a gentle reminder to others that perhaps they too should get up and move more.

How to mute Activity notifications

However, you may find that getting Activity notifications can be a bit much if you have too many of them coming at you each day. No worries, here’s how you can quickly mute notifications in the Activity app.

1. Open the Activity app on your iPhone.

2. Go to the Sharing tab.

3. Tap the friend or family member you want to mute.

4. Tap the Mute Notifications button.

5. To receive notifications again, tap Unmute Notifications.

Your friend or family member won’t know that you’ve muted them, and you can still see their activity when you want to do so. But you will no longer get regular notifications about their daily activity progress.

Why I muted Activity notifications

I must admit that initially I liked getting the Activity notifications of friends and family members…for a while. But then I noticed that they were becoming rather annoying, and that I wasn’t all that interested in tracking their progress in the Activity app.

So I ended up muting their notifications to spare myself the annoyance of being pinged every time they finished a workout, rings or achievement. I recommend that you do the same if you find the Activity app notifications to be disruptive.

Don’t forget though that you can still see their progress even if you have their notifications muted, and it’s very easy to undo the muting if you find later on that you miss getting the notifications.

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