How Cisco wants to become the Switzerland of the cloud

A set of offerings will provide independent management of cloud resources

Martyn Williams

After years of juggling with different strategies of how to pursue the cloud computing market, Cisco now has what it believes will be a winning one: Become a so-called Switzerland of the cloud.

Cisco is not spending billions of dollars to build a public cloud to compete with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. “That ship has sailed,” says Fabio Gori, head of cloud marketing at Cisco.

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Instead, Cisco wants its existing customers, and new ones, to think of the company as an independent arbiter of cloud resources. If customers want to use public or private cloud, Cisco will help them manage those resources. As customers look to deploy an Internet of Things program, secure mobile devices or get advanced analytics on their infrastructure or applications, Cisco will have a platform for them too. Cisco’s cloud strategy, it says, will work across multiple public and private cloud environments – making it a neutral player in the battle of the clouds.

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