macOS: Change your login screen background image

Tired of looking at the same old background when you login on your Mac? Here’s how you can customize it with a new image.

Many of us login into our Macs at least once per day, and it can get rather tedious seeing the same login screen day after day. Not to worry, you can customize your Mac’s login screen by changing the default background image.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Find a .PNG image with the same resolution as your Mac’s display.

If you don’t know your Mac’s display resolution, just click the Apple logo in the menubar and then go to About This Mac then go to Displays. You will see your Mac’s screen resolution listed there.

2. Go to the Caches folder on your Mac (/Library/Caches).

3. Find the file and make a backup copy of it.

4. Add your custom image with the name to the /Library/Caches folder.

Now when you login you should see your customized background image instead of the boring default one from Apple.

How to find background images for the 5K iMac

Now you might be wondering where you can get images to use for your login screen’s background. Well most search engines can help you find images, just head to DuckDuckGo and do a search for images that interest you.

If you’re like me, however, you might be running a 5K iMac. If that’s the case then here are some sites where you can get some higher resolution images for your Mac’s login screen:

Interface Lift

Wallpapers Home

HD Wallpapers

Should you bother changing your Mac's login screen background image?

Some people might wonder if it’s even worth bothering to change your login screen’s background image. After all, not everybody wants to spend time managing background images for something like a login screen.

If you’re someone that hardly ever logs into your Mac, then no it’s probably not worth the effort. There’s no point in doing it if your Mac is running all the time but you never need to login. If you're that kind of user, I wouldn't bother changing the background image.

But if you’re like me and you login at least once per day, then yes I think it’s well worth the time to change the login background image. It only takes a few minutes to do so, and it’s quite a pleasant change when you see an image that you picked instead of Apple’s default choice. It's an easy way of personalizing your Mac, and breathing new life into what would otherwise be just a boring login screen.

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