iPhone 8: Overpriced Ripoff Edition?

Rumors are circulating that the iPhone 8 could cost more than $1000 and that Apple might call it the “iPhone Edition”

We’re well into the usual rumor mill when it comes to the iPhone 8. One of the biggest Apple rumor sites has a couple of juicy tidbits about what the iPhone 8 might be called and how much it might cost.

Husain Sumra reports for MacRumors:

Apple may call the 2017 iPhone 8, rumored to be announced alongside the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus at a September event, the "iPhone Edition," according to a new report from Japanese website Mac Otakara. The name would reportedly signal that the phone is a higher end model, similar to how Apple names the Apple Watch Edition.

The "Edition" moniker lines up with reports that the model could cost upwards of $1,000.

Mac Okatara says the only features Apple is reportedly certain of are a 5-inch display, wireless charging and dual cameras. The 5-inch display Mac Otakara is referring to is the usable space on the display.

The iPhone 8 is expected to utilize an edge-to-edge display that puts a 5.8-inch display in a handset roughly the size of a 4.7-inch iPhone. 5.15 inches of the 5.8-inch display will be usable. The difference will be used for a wide row of virtual buttons.

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iPhone Edition? Is Apple kidding us with this name?

While I always take these kinds of rumors with a huge grain of salt, I did a double take when I saw “iPhone Edition” as the possible name for the iPhone 8.

What an incredibly stupid name for a phone.

“iPhone Edition” is pretentious, to say the least. It’s also bland and has been used before for the gold Apple Watch. Remember that device? It didn’t sell too well considering it had a ridiculous price and almost nobody could afford it.

And what exactly does "edition" mean anyway? Edition of what? There's something missing when you name a product using the word "edition" but then don't flesh it out some more to explain exactly what that means. Maybe Apple should just call it "iPhone: Overpriced Ripoff Edition" or perhaps "iPhone: Pretentiously Snooty Edition" or something similar.

Apple’s marketing department needs some fresh blood if “iPhone Edition” is the best they can come up with for the new iPhone. Why not just call it the iPhone 8 and be done with it? Even something like "iPhone: 10th Anniversary Edition" would make more sense, though it would still be somewhat ponderous.

Instead of being direct and simple, Apple will probably end up embarrassing itself again as it tries to market yet another version of the iPhone as something exceptional and amazing when it's really just another iteration of a product Steve Jobs first released back in 2007.

iPhone 8: More than $1000 for a phone?

The rumors about the pricing of the iPhone 8 are also quite disturbing. I’ve seen some that say that it could cost up to $1200. $1200 for a phone? Ouch!

I’ll definitely be taking a pass on a phone that costs that much. I don’t use mine nearly enough to warrant paying that kind of money for a new iPhone. My 6s Plus works great for everything I use it for so why would I cough up a ridiculous amount of cash for a new iPhone? I'd rather invest that money and earn a decent return instead of giving it to Apple for an overpriced product I don't need anyway.

Good grief, you could build a solid, speedy desktop computer for the amount of money that Apple might be charging for the iPhone 8. If the price of the new iPhone is really that high then part of me wonders if Apple has just completely lost touch with reality. Then again, the company has to pay for its new spaceship campus somehow so why not bleed iPhone buyers for whatever you can get out of them, right?

I’m hoping that the rumors about the price of the iPhone 8 will end up being totally wrong, and that Apple will bring it to market at a much more reasonable cost. But knowing Apple's penchant for high margins and profit, the rumors might very well end up being on the low end in terms of pricing.

We’ll have to wait and see about the iPhone 8's final pricing. If it does cost $1200 (or more), I suspect that a significant number of people will join me in taking a pass on the iPhone 8.

What people are saying about the iPhone 8’s rumored name and price

As always I could not resist reading through the discussion thread that accompanied the MacRumors article about the iPhone’s 8 price and name.

So I’ll leave you with this selection of comments to peruse from the discussion thread:

Chr1s60: “Such a dumb name. I'm sure lots of thought went into it.”

Seanmcbay: “No way I'll pick this up if this happens unless T-Mobile has some killer deal for it.”

Ugcop: “Having bought iPhones yearly for the first half of their history and then every other year with the s models, all the glamour is gone. When this one quits I will look for something outside the Apple garden.”

Saintforlife: “Can't decide which is worse when it comes to premium model names - "iPhone Edition" or "Range Rover Autobiography". Oh well, most people probably can't afford either.”

Cole Slaw: “$1500 for 32 GBs storage, $1750 for 256.”

Rainshadow: “No way I would buy an edition model for the higher prices and I would just feel cheated if I bought a 7S.”

iZac: “Oh look, Apple found a way to wring out another level of profits and 'exclusivity' from their phone models. We should have seen this coming with the iPad Pro.”

UltimaKilo: “A $1,000+ iPhone is a terrible idea. We want people upgrading more often, not less. If someone pays 1K+ for a phone, it's likely they will be holding onto it for a long time.”

Apolloa: “Well considering the ludicrous price they charged for the Apple Watch Edition models I wouldn't be surprised to see the iPhone 8 start from over 2000 dollars up to 3000. I mean cook thought some gold was enough to multiply the Apple watch price ten fold and up! ”

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