5 fatal flaws that dog the new Windows 10

Microsoft's forthcoming Creators Update offers a mixed bag of fixes for Win10's biggest knocks

Windows 10 will get better in the forthcoming Creators Update. That isn’t a hollow promise or more marketing drivel. It’s a straightforward observation, comparing the most egregious parts of the current version, Win10 1607 Anniversary Update, with near-final betas of the next version, 1703. While it’s too early to gauge 1703’s stability, the feature improvements are very real.

Windows 10 beta build 15031, which appeared on Feb. 8, was the first Win10 build in the rs2_release branch. That’s the point where a fork in the Win10 beta process started honing in on the “final” release of Windows 10 Version 1703, the Creators Update. The last major change we’ve seen came in build 15042, on Feb. 24, with the unveiling of a new disappearing Pause Updates pane in the Settings app. Since that point the changes have been largely cosmetic, with bug fixes taking center stage.

Of course we’ll be talking about the Creators Update in the coming weeks and months as the bugs get ironed out. But there’s a big picture lurking that’s crucial for many admins, Win10 owners, and Win10 maybe-wannabes.

As Eric Knorr notes in “Which Windows 10 should your business install?,” if you’re thinking of moving to Windows 10, now’s the time to do it. The current version, the 1607 Anniversary Update, is the most stable and obvious choice, and it will remain so for many months. But real improvements lurk in 1703. You should know about them.

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