Get ready for the Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft is about to release a major update to Windows 10. We have a preview of what you can expect.

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IDG / Preston Gralla

Sometime this spring, probably in April, Microsoft will release the Creators Update, one of the two major updates to Windows 10 that will roll out this year.

What can you expect to see? For a start, ignore the name "Creators Update," because the release has very little to do with creating things -- with the exception of some virtual reality features and a minor app for creating 3D content.

However, there will be some real changes to the operating system. You'll get more control over Windows updates, some improvements to the Edge browser, some nice interface tweaks -- including to the Start menu -- and more.

Microsoft has been releasing preview builds of the Creators Update since August; they've become less buggy and more feature-rich as the operating system gets closer to the final release date. Here's a preview of what to expect, based on the latest builds and information made public by Microsoft.

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