How CIOs transform IT for the digital era

CIOs are disrupting their IT departments, introducing new operating models to stay ahead of digital changes driving their respective industries.

How CIOs transform IT for the digital era
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Companies are facing a digital imperative to revamp business operations to better serve customers. To accommodate these shifts, CIOs are making sweeping organizational changes, adding key roles, reskilling employees, setting up innovation labs and experimenting with emerging technologies to meet strategic mandates issued by their CEOs and boards.

Social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) forms the primary digital fuel for most IT organizations. But CIOs who are eager to stay atop trends are also testing artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things and blockchain. Collectively, such technologies have the potential to help companies transform their business processes.

While CIOs know to avoid the trap of employing technology for technology's sake, the new tools must be harnessed as part of an "unbounded IT" operating model in which CIOs better align their IT departments with the business strategy, Deloitte says.

Here is how some CIOs have altered their IT operating models to drive change.

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