11 ways to sell on Instagram

Social media marketers and business owners share their top tips for showcasing products on the mobile photo and video sharing site.

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7. Court influencers

“Building a strong influencer relations program is essential to your company’s Instagram strategy, especially if you are a small business and this is your first Instagram account,” says McGuire. “To start your influencer relations program, identify non-competitive Instagram accounts in your customer vertical with a strong following. Begin engaging with those accounts by liking and commenting on their posts, possibly even ‘regramming’ their posts on your own account.”

Once you’ve established a relationship, “send a direct message to the account about ways to cross- promote each other’s content,” he suggests. “Developing a relationship with a [popular] Instagram [user] in the same industry is a great way to get in front of new leads and expand your company’s social visibility.”

8. Make your photos shoppable

In November, Instagram began testing shoppable photos, giving a small group of brands the ability to share product details, pricing and a ‘Shop Now’ button directly within the app,” says Stewart. And “empowering consumers to make a purchase whenever the inspiration strikes [has] become increasingly valuable as buying behavior continues to evolve.”

Therefore brands would be wise to take advantage of this feature as soon as they are able – “or go a step further by migrating to an ecommerce platform that can sync these social stores to your branded store, [to] create a more seamless shopping experience for your customers,” he suggests.

Brands can also use a third-party service, such as Soldsie, to sell products on Instagram now.

9. Conduct flash sales

“We run bi-weekly flash sales at a specific day and time via posts on Instagram,” says Felipe Vasconcelos, owner, Elastic Band Co. “These sales train users to keep coming back to engage and shop multiple times a month.”

10. Offer Instagram only promotions

“Every shopper loves a percent off their product,” says Emma Vince, digital PR lead, TinderPoint. And “Instagram is the perfect place to put such promotions. [Just] create an image [or post] based around the promo code to entice people to stop scrolling [and go to your website].”

You can either put the promo code in the caption, letting people know when and where they can use it, or embed it in the photo. Just be sure to delete the photo/post when the promo code is no longer valid.

11. Use Instagram ads

“To find new customers, consider experimenting with advertising on the platform,” says Squires. “Instagram offers all of the same targeting capabilities as Facebook while utilizing the same simple ad buying interfaces. We also offer many ad formats – landscape, up to sixty-second video and multi-image, for example. You’re also able to promote a post directly from the Instagram app.”

Once you’ve set up a Business profile on Instagram, which is free (you just need to have a Facebook page), you can then determine how much you want to spend, where you want your Instagram ad (target audience) and how long you want it to run for.

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