Face-off: ServiceNow vs. Zendesk for IT service management

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zendesk servicenow ITSM

IT service management (ITSM) software has evolved in several ways, such as moving to the cloud and moving beyond IT trouble tickets to manage a wider variety of internal and external customer-service tasks. In the future, service management it could even become a key part of an organization’s digital transformation.

Today, two of the top ITSM suites are ServiceNow and Zendesk, according to reviews by users in the IT Central Station community.

Managers of ServiceNow installations said they like the options for customization but the price can get steep, according to reviews at IT Central Station. Zendesk administrators said the software is easy to use but not as powerful for ticketing as other products.

Either way, users urged their peers to streamline and document their own workflows before trying to implement these products. As one reviewer described the initial setup: “The complex part of it is [mapping] your processes; implementing the tool is the easy part.”

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