Technology for the modern HR department

Utilizing technology in every department is key to better efficiency and results.

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The human resources department oversees the process of moderating and maintaining standards expected of employees within a business. From ensuring compliance with federal and national labor laws to addressing employee payroll, benefits, and compensation, the HR department of any company must act quickly and efficiently to meet all required conditions. Thankfully, there is technology available on the market that assists in maintaining the various aspects of employee management.

Reach out with social media

Social media has been a tool for many businesses to reach out to their client base. Twitter is an easy platform to announce up and coming promotions, products, or events, and it puts on an air of transparency where there would otherwise be a closed door. Using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn can improve your reach, and expose your company to people who may not have heard of your brand.

Social media is also one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business, as well as garner interest for your brand. The number of platforms with which to announce your product guarantees that customers who have visited your business will see your advertisement, and will be more likely to comment on your posts, which in turn allows their friends to see your post as well. This tactic creates a chain reaction of likes and comments that appear to many different people which ultimately increases the conversation about your company.

A positive and inviting presence on social media platforms creates a welcoming environment and encourages conversation, allowing people to inquire about your practices, products, and employees in a way that highlights what is important to your customer base. Feedback received off of social media may highlight areas within the company that are exemplary (such as customer service) and also gives insight into the product that you sell. Overall, social media is a very powerful tool that, when utilized to its fullest extent, will be a valuable asset to your department and company.

Utilize the cloud and keep data in one place

One of the most time-consuming jobs in HR is paperwork. Answering emails, sending faxes, and sorting employee records are just a few of the tasks that need constant vigilance. Without proper care, these jobs can quickly turn into an overwhelming mess that can take hours of valuable work time. Luckily, the age of filing papers and keeping cabinets is soon to be obsolete with the introductions of cloud-based services.

The Cloud streamlines HR processes by ensuring that the latest updates are delivered in a quick and efficient manner, and files are uploaded, saved, and shared quickly between departments which means less confusion on dates and deadlines. Companies who do not use cloud services may experience a slowdown, and with technology becoming ever present in a company's framework, a lack of such in Human Resources could be detrimental to the continued development of the enterprise. In fact, 54% of HR professionals say that they wish to upgrade to a cloud-based framework for this very reason.

Technology and the hiring process

A common task for any HR department is to hire potential candidates based on skills relevant to the work being done. With recruitment, there are interviews to be done and paperwork to be filed, all of which take time and resources to complete; time which could be spent on other projects and improvements. Many companies choose to hire an external source to manage this for them, in a process called recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). This process enables the company to focus on more relevant projects while a third party handles hiring employees based on their relevant skills and abilities. Seventy six percent of hires  through this process are for professional positions, with 24 percent of those hires being for industrial occupations as of 2015.

Companies that utilize this process experience greater growth in the company, due to the efficiency eligible candidates are chosen. Ninety four percent of businesses reported that third-party hiring has positively affected their business. Businesses that provide RPO can reach a broad range of potential employees, and through thorough screening can select candidates that best match your business's needs. Cultural expectations, diversity, and company values are all taken account with third party recruiters.

Business is a complicated affair, with the HR department at the heart of it all. From hiring employees to managing payroll, introducing technology to streamline the process will reshape the face of HR.

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