IoT standards battles could get messy

So many devices, so little time

IoT standards battles could get messy

As enterprises start to think about building Internet of Things (IoT) networks, the key question becomes: What’s happening on the standards front?

Without platforms and standards to guide the development of products and services, IoT could become a chaotic mess. Widely accepted standards and broad platforms are needed in three key areas:

  1. The instrumented devices themselves, which can include just about anything from smart city street lights to industrial controls to farm equipment.
  2. The network, which will probably be a combination of wired and wireless that brings IoT data back to a data center.
  3. And a system of alerts or analyses or some way to make the data actionable.

These systems need to work together in order for IoT to be useful for enterprises. While the IoT standards process is still in its infancy, there’s an increasing sense of urgency as the momentum behind IoT continues to build.

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