13 tips for crafting an effective customer survey

How can you improve the odds that customers will take a minute (or five) to open and take your survey? Experts in marketing and customer service share their top tips and advice for leveraging the data.

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Business leaders are not omniscient. If they want to find out what customers think about their products and services, or their brand, they need to ask them. And the most common, and seemingly easiest (and cost effective), way to do this is to send out a customer survey.

However, in today’s 24/7 digital world, where people are constantly bombarded with emails, text messages and social media notifications, it can be difficult to get customers to even open your survey, let alone fill it out. So how can your business improve the odds customers will take a minute (or five) to open and take your survey? Following are 10 suggestions from marketing, survey and customer service experts, as well as tips on how to leverage the data.

1. Identify what information you want and who to target

“Before you start writing questions, you need to set clear and measurable objectives,” says Teresa Walsh, marketing executive at Cazana. “What is it that you want from the survey? To identify customer satisfaction? To find out how [customers] are interacting with your new service [or product]? Once you have [determined the] objective,… move onto crafting strategic questions that will get you the answers.”

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