9 companies using data to make retail more efficient

Here's how big data is disrupting the industry.

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Martyn Williams/IDG

Retail isn’t exactly in it’s most comfortable space right now. With companies like Amazon on the rise, physical retail locations are being called into question. Are they actually valuable anymore? Are consumers willing to break away from their computers and go to shop when they can just order from their living room? Questions like these can easily be answered with the right information.

Retail behemoths like Sears, JCPenney, and Macy’s are closing left and right with no backup plan in sight. But their problem isn’t that they exist in physical locations, otherwise many other thriving retailers would be suffering the same fate. Their problem is failing to adapt to the latest retail tech trends and consumer demand. The retail space is constantly changing, and if they want to stay ahead of the curve, they’ll have to adapt with it.

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