IT Resume Makeover: Prove your path to CIO on page one

In this IT resume makeover, resume expert J.M. Auron helps one candidate inject personality, clarity and branding into a resume aimed at landing a CIO-level position.

Once you hit the executive level, your resume needs to show what you can offer beyond your career history and education. Phillip Marlowe, whose name has been changed for this makeover, had an IT resume that looked like most others — long in verbiage and short on professional branding.

J.M. Auron, a global IT careers leader, resume writer and owner of Quantum Tech Resumes, took on the task of bringing more clarity to Marlowe’s resume. His main objective started with digging into Marlowe’s career history to paint a better picture of what Marlowe can offer as a CIO. Auron also aimed to shorten the resume – creating a clear, concise message to hiring managers and recruiters about Marlowe’s value.

Marlowe agreed with Auron’s assessment of his resume, noting that his “resume was too long” and that it was “missing the impact” he felt it should have, especially for a C-suite position.

“We discussed his future objectives, his unique value proposition, and then went into detail on his career. As always, I encouraged him to think in terms of CAR — challenges, actions, and results — to dig deeper and unearth his very real accomplishments,” says Auron.

Start strong on the first page

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