Design thinking: The secret to digital success

Design thinking has become a key practice for enterprises crafting digital products with the end user in mind. spoke to design thinking practitioners to understand why and how organizations are leveraging it.

What is design thinking? The secret to digital success defined
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Design thinking is fast becoming a key ingredient for successful digital transformation. But what exactly is design thinking, and how are leading CIOs harnessing its power to enhance business value?

Design thinking practitioners observe and analyze user behaviors to gain insights into their needs and wants, according to Gartner. They then use those insights to create digital products and services tailored to customers’ needs.

Designing with the customer in mind should be a top priority for today’s organizations, says Jona Moore, global vice president of technology at Frog Design. Enterprises must deeply consider the context in which they are building digital services to better ensure their chances of success. “The ability to move and set customers’ expectations” is critical, Moore says.

Here is a deeper look at why and how firms are leveraging design thinking as part of corporate strategic agendas.

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