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Digital innovation requires the agility and speed of the cloud. Explore IDC’s take on platform as a service and how it can accelerate your digital transformation journey while making the most of your existing investments.

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Business today runs in real time. Agility is the key metric in the digital economy, and to meet the rising expectations of customers the digital business needs to deal with real-time events at scale. Innovation is increasingly being driven from outside the organization by external data-driven triggers such as IoT connected devices, social media feeds, or chatbot responses. To succeed in this new high-velocity world, businesses not only need to respond to these signals far more dynamically, but also use them to anticipate and predict.

For a manufacturer, this could mean linking supplychain and inventory management systems to evolving consumer feedback on social media to be able to deliver the “lot size of one.” Or for a utility, this could be the dynamic billing and invoicing of the customer based on a smart metering system– and then cross-selling or up-selling new products based on evolving customer demands. Whatever the desired outcome, the monolithic on-premise systems of record that dominated IT environments of the past are no longer adequate.

Instead, this new real-time business model requires a fundamentally different technology architecture to underpin business, digital, and IT requirements – an architecture that is dynamic so that it can evolve over time. IDC calls this the “Enterprise Digital Platform,” enabling agile development in the cloud and simplified integration capabilities so that new and innovative applications can be built and new use cases explored that were either not possible or too expensive previously.

The so-called “digital natives” that have led this cloud-based digital innovation were able to start with a blank sheet of paper. Most organizations don’t have that luxury, and their core legacy systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) still have a crucial role to play in their digital transformation journey going forward. The Enterprise Digital Platform architecture enables these core enterprise applications to be modernized and integrated to work seamlessly with the innovations that are happening at the edge.

This is exactly what an open platform as a service, such as SAP Cloud Platform, delivers. SAP Cloud Platform provides an in-memory database, core platform services, and unique business services for building and extending personalized, collaborative, mobile-enabled cloud applications. Think of SAP Cloud Platform as the connective tissue that brings everything together so you can build the applications of the future while making the most of your existing investments today.

Built on open standards, SAP Cloud Platform delivers agility through a unique blend of power, speed, and cost-effectiveness. It lets you quickly and efficiently create modern, lightweight, mobile-ready cloud applications that run on any browser and device with a consumer-grade user experience. Even better, you can leverage the development skills your organization already has, such as JavaScript and HTML5.

Connectivity is the key in the digital economy, and these applications may be entirely new or intended to extend or personalize your existing cloud or on-premise software – regardless of who built it. SAP Cloud Platform can also help you to safely integrate business assets, the IoT, social networks, collaboration tools, business networks, and innovative technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

SAP Cloud Platform is a key component of SAP’s wider digital business framework, which dramatically simplifies the IT landscape and provides an expandable platform for future business innovation. It ties together the full suite of SAP applications, both at the core with SAP S/4HANA and at the edge with line-of-business applications and innovation accelerators such as robotics, natural interfaces, 3D printing, Internet of Things, cognitive systems, and next-generation security. 

Thousands of SAP customers around the world, of all sizes and in all industries, have used SAP Cloud Platform in creative and unexpected ways to build and deploy applications to meet their growing and evolving needs for increased revenue, extended reach, improved customer interaction, rapid compliance and better efficiencies. To find out more about SAP Cloud Platform, read a selection of customer cases studies, watch this short video, or visit the Web site.


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