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“We’re seeing a huge difference in the automobile industry in the last 24 months as it relates to the technology in the car, so that could lend itself to having a personality, such as GWYN being able to support whatever gifting needs are required in an automobile. That’s a small market, but that’s just an example of another edge interface that could become available vs the traditional ones today, which are mobile devices, tablets, desktops and other  applications that exist. So we think more in terms of voice commands, but it's early yet and we’re kind of excited with some of the prospects we’re seeing in the marketplace.” 


Looking to the future, McCann and Leap acknowledge that in the urgency to get their bot platform built, the first release wasn't focused on her personality. As McCann described, “One of the things we’re beginning to learn is that we probably do need to start to think about the personality of GWYN, and in the future, figuring out if we want to have more than one personality interacting with our consumers.”

 He added, “It’s interesting, we’ve had several people internally talk about how we make GWYN really represent the culture of our company – the passion everybody has for delivering smiles and what that really means.” For, the challenge lays in how to personalize the bot to the extent that it exemplifies the special relationship the company has with its customers – a relationship based on trust.  They put their trust in us to deliver an emotion for them, or as we like to say, we’re delivering a smile because every time they send a product to somebody, it’s for a birthday, an anniversary or a funeral; each is a different kind of smile. People say GWYN really needs to represent that culture. We’re just really starting to think about that.” 

Continuous innovation

In closing, Leap described their commitment to continue to innovate.   “Over the last year, the progress that we delivered to date in this area has certainly reinforced our hunger to keep going. We’re seeing things slightly different than the rest of the world, and that’s a competitive edge for us.  We’re going to keep fueling the beast.”

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