Here’s how companies can reach post-millennials through blogging

Your company blog isn't just for internal news and regurgitated content anymore.

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Today’s young adults missed the blogging boom, with many of them opting to share their thoughts through photos, videos, and short status updates. For businesses, however, blogging is an essential way to keep fresh content on their websites, ensuring they rank well in the search results that often send customers their way.

But those born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s are a serious force in the retail landscape. Also known as Generation Z and centennials, post-millennials currently occupy our nation’s high schools and colleges, soon to follow millennials into the workplace. For the retailers who have been chasing the $65 billion in yearly buying power that millennials bring, this means it’s time to shift focus. How do entrepreneurs reach out to a generation that spends more leisure time on apps like Snapchat and Instagram than conducting Google searches on a computer?

Before you dismiss blogging in favor of sponsored app posts, it’s important to take time to consider how blogging might apply to younger generations. They still will visit business websites, so reaching them simply means rethinking your website. A post-millennial might actually be more likely to read one of your blog posts than simply browse through your site, depending on where you share the link. Here are a few ways you can use your blog to find post-millennials on the platforms they use every day.

Go for shares

A surprising number of brands have dismissed platforms like Facebook, based on studies that have stereotyped the generation as preferring image-sharing social media sites. However, when it comes to getting information on brands, they’re more likely to spend time on Facebook, where they might easily find a business’s operating hours or see pictures of their products. Use this opportunity to create blog posts that will generate shares on sites like Facebook, including tips on how to choose a college or what major is likely to lead to a post-graduation job. Readers will click over and see your brand messaging on the page and determine whether they want to learn more about your business.


Standard blog posts won’t work with younger generations. They’ve grown to expect personalized marketing that targets their unique needs. With your company blog, this means learning as much as possible about your target demographic and creating posts that speak directly to them. Fashion brands use product photos to connect with their own unique audiences as they discuss the latest trends and looks. Not only is this type of blog post sharable, it also creates the type of content that makes customers return on a regular basis.

Combine media

For younger generations, “blogging” is not just a text-based concept. Some post-millennials prefer to head to YouTube or the podcast app on their phone for information. Consider creating a podcast or instructional video series where you cover new topics each week. You can then stretch the information you gather for one project into at least one additional blog post. This can either be done as a straight transcript or a post that summarizes major takeaways from each podcast episode or vlog post. Link to the blog post on social media in a way that hopefully encourages post-millennials to share with their own friends. Best of all, you’ll be able to turn your hard work into multiple types of content without investing much additional time and effort.

Become a thought leader

Post-millennials are currently preparing for careers in their chosen fields. This means hours of research, whether for coursework or to make personal decisions about their career choices. Post information specific to your industry and you’ll likely attract a generation of students eager to learn about the work you do. If you own a marketing firm, for instance, share advice for marketers on your specialty areas. If you own a lawn supply business, post information that aspiring landscapers can use to inform the work they do. For maximum reach, find guest-posting opportunities that will get your name in front of even more students and twenty-somethings.

Post-millennials are only beginning to enter the consumer market, but the buying decisions they make now will likely inform their purchases moving forward. Find unique ways to reach them through your company blog and you’ll likely win them away from your competitors, helping you continue to grow.

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