5 secrets of highly effective IoT strategies

A winning internet of things strategy requires strong leadership, clearly defined roles and a dedicated team. Pioneering IT leaders offer hard-earned advice for IoT success.

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The internet of things (IoT) is becoming more than just a buzzword for many organizations. The idea of connecting hundreds or thousands of products, corporate assets and other “things” via the internet to gather valuable data is a compelling proposition for companies in a variety of industries.

But building an effective IoT strategy isn’t simple. IoT involves a lot of moving parts (literally) and presents a number of major challenges. Here, IT leaders who have launched IoT projects offer valuable advice for those who are just beginning to formulate an IoT plan.

Appoint an IoT leader

Every effective IoT strategy requires a strong leader. This individual must have broad oversight into the various technical components of the IoT initiative and be able to guide a cohesive strategy to ensure everyone is on the same page. Your IoT leader can be a senior-level executive from IT, operations or even business leadership. Some experts have talked about the need for a chief IoT officer.

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