10 early warning signs of ERP disaster

Enterprise resource planning systems reap business efficiency by tying together disparate systems and services. But an ERP implementation can quickly unravel into disaster if you don’t heed these early warning signs.

10 early warning signs of ERP disaster

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems weave together software and services from disparate departments into a cohesive, collaborative whole. Companies rely on ERP systems to keep their business operations running smoothly. Without ERP implementations to coordinate purchases, customer orders, financial transactions and beyond, modern business would take a significant step back in efficiency.

But the integrated nature of ERP systems makes them tricky to maintain and update. Many ERP systems are out of date or need major improvements. Plus, many organizations, seeking cost savings and flexibility, are considering migrating their ERP needs to the cloud. All of these factors make ERP systems ripe for disaster.

We reached out to experienced ERP consultants to discover early warning signs that your ERP project may be on the verge of suffering major problems. The large scope of ERP projects often means that a warning sign today may not manifest in problems for several months, so it takes a close eye to detect and anticipate an ERP disaster in the making.

You’ve made a large technical leap

While consumers may purchase the newest smartphone immediately after release, most organizations take their time before adopting a new technology. This is especially important with ERP.

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