Talking tech in corporate boards

Tech leaders are commonly encouraged to speak the language of business, but it is becoming increasingly important for boards to speak the language of technology.

talking tech in the board room deloitte

As technology becomes ubiquitous and digital transformations reinvent corporations and upend existing business models, corporate board members may be required to be technology fluent to navigate their organizations through these uncharted waters. 

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The spectrum of technology fluency ranges from having a basic understanding of technology, including differentiating between tech “myth” and fact and understanding how technology drives that individual business, to having a working knowledge of how technology capabilities and their adjacencies can drive new revenue and open fresh opportunities in the near term. 

While the percentage of public companies that have appointed technology-focused board members has grown over the last six years from 10 percent to 17 percent, Deloitte’s latest research suggests that boards have a long way to go.

Here are five ways boards can be more technology fluent.

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