NextCon provides CIOs a vision for a better customer experience

The event will serve up a new vision to CIOs curious about how technology can merge with human capital to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Let’s be honest, it takes a lot to get me excited about traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona. And NEXTCON, put on by Nextiva, is definitely one of the few events where I’m willing to trade in some desperately needed time off, and put it towards continuing education.

I’m not alone. Many CIOs head to the desert every year to hear from the leading voices in merging cutting-edge technology with new customer-facing strategies to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

This year’s list of speakers is impressive – including Tomas Gorny, Neil Patel and Nate McMahon.

Tomas Gorny: Converting technology into good business

I love Gorny’s story because it speaks to the American dream, in every sense of the word. He arrived in the United States at the age of 17. From Poland, he knew almost no English. But, true to the American spirit, he got to work. And he didn’t just start working, but decided to start creating.

1993 was a great year to start studying technology. As he grappled with language barriers, he decided to also tackle computer languages. In 2001 he launched IPOWER, a hosting company that merged with Endurance in 2007 – going public in 2013.

Although, you may be more familiar with his website security creation – “Sitelock”. It protects millions of websites from unauthorized changes, providing CIOs with a buffer between their online experience and the hackers attempting to make a quick buck at their expense.

Neil Patel: Using technology to engage and inspire

If you ask your CMO, they’ll probably be able to give you an endless bio on Patel’s successes as an internet marketer. Having worked with Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom, Neil’s deep experience in helping technology do the most good – for both shareholders and consumers – is mind-blowing.

And he’s regularly featured here on CIO, especially in regards to helping companies branch out into the digital jungle in a more profitable way.

Nate McMahon: Helping the Motley Fool leverage people and technology

Every CIO deals with the evolving needs and expectations of their Human Resources team. Using technology to minimize the impact of HR on the bottom-line is just good business. And, if done correctly, it can even help improve the employee experience – delivering some serious ROI.

Nate McMahon has helped to lead The Motley Fool, working as “…an Executive Coach, Agile Project Manager and Coder to help build and scale the company's renowned workplace Next Practices.”

Of all the speakers, his talk is the one I’m most looking forward to. His insights on how the Motley Fool became the first company to receive Glassdoor’s “#1 Best Mid-Size Company to Work in the U.S.” award for two consecutive years will help shed a light on how technology can better support the people that companies rely on to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

One of the reasons I’m so excited about this conference is that it gives CIOs a chance to step out from behind the server stack and see how technology is actually delivering measurable success in corporate America.

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon has dragged corporate America kicking and screaming into the consumer tech revolution. And, as CIO’s Tom Kaneshige has pointed out, it’s possible for a poorly managed BYOD rollout to actually become more expensive than the old-school, enterprise-provided workplace tech solution.   

But, by learning to fully harness the capabilities of a diverse corporate tech ecosystem, companies are experiencing measurable boosts in the productivity of their workforce.

That’s all yesterday’s news. Future-focused CIOs are fascinated by the opportunity to take what has been learned within the corporate bubble, and apply it to the customer experience.

And that’s why more than a few of the CIOs I know are submitting requests to attend conferences like NEXTCON – I promise, it has nothing to do with the beautiful resort boasting at least six locations to grab a killer cocktail and network with some well-connected technologists.

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