10 lies CIOs tell themselves

If Achilles had been a CIO, self-deception would be his heel. He’d be sure business-IT alignment is tight, information security bulletproof, and all projects come in on time. CIOs set the stage for disaster by fooling themselves.

9 lies CIOs tell themselves

“O what a tangled web we weave,” explained Scottish novelist Walter Scott, “when first we practice to deceive.”

But no matter how tangled the web when someone else is the target, it has nothing on the mess that happens when we’re fooling ourselves.

And fool ourselves we do — not because we deliberately want to set the wrong priorities, make the wrong decisions, and pursue the wrong goals, but because wishful thinking is a whole lot easier than looking at the world through glass-colored glasses.

Here are nine common situations where CIOs lie, not to their IT staff or to colleagues throughout the business, but to themselves.

CIO self-deception #1: We’re aligned with the business.

“Aligning IT with the business” sounds so much like a great thing to do that many CIOs institute elaborate IT governance processes to make sure it happens.

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