Artificial intelligence in sales: 10 companies to watch

Disruption by AI in sales.

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Sales has changed a lot in the last several decades. We have gone from the door-to-door salesman, to the telemarketer, to the CRM, and now many sales technology companies are beginning to experiment with AI. In these successive developments, one theme has been consistent – empowering individual sales professionals to sell more.

AI promises to be the next great leap forward. By operating as a second brain of sorts, AI can be trained to spot patterns and trends in large volumes of data that human minds are not capable of spotting. This creates the opportunity to essentially partner a person with an AI, where the creativity and skill is being supplied by the salesperson and the data crunching is done by the computer.

These tools are in their early stages, but a handful of companies have achieved noteworthy breakthroughs. These are ten companies using AI to disrupt sales:

Base CRM

Base CRM is helping sales people get their jobs done faster and easier. Sales is so often inhibited by poor information flow. Base has designed an AI platform which can learn from any interaction a client has with your sales team. Their AI-powered Apollo program uses these insights to provide proactive feedback and intelligent alerts to sales team members, helping them to grow their sales. Best of all? They do everything in-house so you won’t need to find a third party vendor to configure your CRM. This lowers costs and ensures quality service.


Knowing which leads to go after can mean the difference between a good sales team and a bad one. In order to achieve favorable numbers, you need to set your team up properly with information that will lead to their success. LeadCrunch takes it a step further and uses an AI platform to decide between a good and bad lead and even verifies key information about the lead.


A huge time cost for salespeople is qualifying leads. A majority of their time is spent checking and double checking lead information to ensure they’re a good fit. That problem is a thing of the past with Conversica’s AI-powered sales assistant. Not only can it qualify leads, but it takes it a step further and engages them with a human-like conversation to begin the sales process.

InsideSales is taking salespeople’s minds off of memorizing client details and back into closing. Their platform collects information pertinent to the sales process and generates analytics based on the data. The information is compiled and provided to the sales team so they are better prepared, knowing which sales to pursue and which leads to give attention to.


A behemoth in the sales industry, Salesforce isn’t at all falling behind in new technology. Salesforce has the well-known AI platform Einstein. Einstein uses machine learning to understand all available data and use it to make predictions about your sales process. It allows you to learn more about your sales process than you previously could and automate parts of the process that are consuming your time.


Cogito has an almost scarily impressive platform which knows humans better than humans do. Their AI-powered assistant can listen to a sales call and report in real time what the best things to say are in order to close the deal. It detects human signals from the conversation and offers suggestions based on its findings.


Salespeople spend enough time trying to remember lead and client information. The extra time it takes to log it in CRM is just an unnecessary headache. Tact’s AI-powered smart assistant does it for you. It logs data from voice and SMS in your CRM and makes it accessible anywhere. It’s an impressive use of AI to free up your sales team for more sales.


Appier doesn’t let data stagnate, they put it to use. With their AI platform, they’re taking data and creating actionable insights. They’ve developed a system to sift through CRM data and develop a plan for audience engagement and actual growth.


Afiniti gets into the intrapersonal aspects of sales to help better shape human interactions. It’s AI platform discovers more about how people interact as it listens to simple conversation. The information it gathers can be used by sales teams to learn more about how they interact with leads and how they can adapt to each one in order to close. is the ultimate tool for sales managers who want to understand and empower their team. Their AI platform analyzes the entire sales process and develops an overview for the manager. It provides performance analytics to know what needs work, personalized coaching to better prepare the team for sales, and a top down review of the entire process to determine where value can be added. It’s an invaluable resource for fine-tuning your performance.

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