IT jobs report, 2017

Your guide to IT salaries, hiring, and top employers.

regional report 2017 primary
regional report 2017 primary IDG

How do IT salaries compare across the U.S.? What tech skills are most in demand? What companies get the nod as the best places to work? CIO’s 2017 IT Jobs Report brings all of this information together in one report, broken out by region.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find in this special report:

Pacific region

“As the home of Silicon Valley and other technology hot spots, the Pacific region is in the biggest, most competitive tech job market in the U.S. As such, it has a unique mix of benefits and drawbacks. Everyone is looking for the best, most innovative talent. On the other hand, there’s a lot of talent to compete with, as techies flock to a region that’s home to the biggest names in computing, including Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.”

Average compensation
CIO/VP of IT: $190,053
Director of IT: $143,431
Application developer: $106,306

Mountain region

“The Mountain region sells itself: Encompassing everything from the high peaks of the Rockies to Southwestern mesas, there’s plenty of space for outdoor activities, from fishing to skiing to hiking. There are multiple urban areas, from Salt Lake City to Denver, where business is booming.”

Average compensation 
CIO/VP of IT: $176,935
Director of IT: $103,633
Application developer: $86,376

North Central region

“Chicago-based kCura, an e-discovery software company, is rapidly growing. And with most of its 700 or so positions being tech jobs, that’s putting a lot of pressure on chief people officer Dorie Ellzey Blesoff to find workers with engineering, tech support and other enterprise IT skills fast enough to fill the posts.”

Average compensation
CIO: $161,701
Director of IT: 124,839
Application developer: $93,092

South Central region

“Kerry Stover, COO at Pariveda Solutions, a technology strategic services consultancy in Dallas, says he has to cast a wide net to fill positions that demand technical infrastructure skills such as servers and networking. Even harder to get, he adds, are strong enterprise architects, “people who can put together systems and processes,” cybersecurity professionals and data scientists.”

Average compensation
CIO: $159,455
Director of IT: $118,009
Application developer: $86,227

Southeast region

“Technology is big business in Georgia: With 17,000 technology companies, it’s the fifth-largest IT employment hub in the country, according to the state government’s High Demand Career Initiative (HDCI) program. In 2014, the state government formed the HDCI IT Task Force in partnership with employers across the state to address the acute shortage of technology workers.”

Average compensation
CIO: $195,898
Director of IT: $125,543
Application developer: $109,457

Northeast region

“Competition for IT talent is fierce throughout the Northeast region. In the Boston area, technology workers have their pick of job openings across numerous industries, from financial services and biotech to academia and big Pharma. Tech pros can also find jobs at the plethora of software firms, internet companies and high-tech enterprises with large workforces in the area, including Amazon, Facebook, Google and General Electric.”

Average compensation 
CIO: $188,328
Director of IT: $134,565
Application developer: $99,373

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