Career advice: IT leaders on how to land an executive role

Making the transition from IT management to the C-suite takes more than technical knowledge. You need just the right mix of soft skills, business acumen and leadership skills, as these IT leaders advise.

Career advice: IT leaders on how to land an executive role

For ambitious IT professionals with an eye on the C-suite, there are ways to establish yourself as the obvious choice for an executive IT position. But it requires more than just technical skills. You need business, communication and leadership skills to make it to the top.

“If you’re at a stage where you’re already being considered for an executive position, you’ve already proved your technical prowess. To get to the next level, you have to prove that you are a trusted advisor capable of steering the overall agenda for a business,” says Ed Addario, CTO of Currencycloud.

Here are eight tips from IT leaders on how to land an executive IT position and thrive in the C-suite.

1. Gain business skills

It’s easy to get comfortable in your IT bubble, but at the executive level you also need to understand the business outside of IT. IT is more than “installing systems and writing code,” and to succeed in a leadership position, you’ll need to deal with the “dollars and cents,” says Gerrard Rutter, CIO of Atlassian.

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