9 IT projects primed for machine learning

With AI quickly becoming strategic, look for projects that can give you some quick business wins and help you gain the skills to apply machine learning more broadly.

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Machine learning is fast becoming a reality for forward-thinking organizations. But for most businesses, the best way to take advantage of the capabilities of machine learning technologies remains something of a mystery. Still, the drumbeat to experiment keeps getting louder.

And the truth is, your competitors may already be laying the groundwork. IDC forecasts revenues for AI systems worldwide will almost double to $12.5 billion this year, and keep growing at a similar rate until they hit $46 billion in 2020. Some of that spending will go on hardware to run machine learning systems, but even if you don’t have the budget and the data scientists to build systems from scratch there are still plenty of tools and services that will let you use machine learning in practical ways that help your business.

Here are nine IT projects that almost any organization will find useful in getting started experimenting with machine learning technologies.

1. A customer service chatbot

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