Why design thinking is key to efficient innovation

Sixty-nine percent of organizations surveyed by Everest Group say that design thinking makes their innovation process more efficient. Download the free report to learn more.

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Organizations are increasingly adopting digital technologies such as cloud, analytics, automation and artificial intelligence to increase revenues and lower costs. However, mere adoption of these technologies is not enough. These services will create a lasting impact only when they are integrated with an innovative strategy to meet customer expectations, while providing a seamless user experience.

This research delves into design thinking and its implications on various industries, from healthcare to hospitality, banking to manufacturing. It details an enterprise design maturity model and how new roles (such as Chief Design Officer) are enabling organizations to be more design-focused. The report also address how to adopt new metrics – such as time-to-market, profit from new products launched, and customer acquisition – to evaluate the impact of design thinking.

The 22-page report abstract also covers the following topics:

  • The four key features of design thinking
  • Applications of design thinking
  • Challenges for adopting design thinking
  • Investing in design thinking
  • Driving design adoption in the enterprise

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