20 ways to kill your IT career (without knowing it)

In the fast-paced world of technology, complacency can be a career killer. So too can any number of hidden hazards that quietly put your career on shaky ground — from not knowing your true worth to thinking you’ve finally made it.

Planning your IT career in a shifting tech landscape can be difficult, especially when your big plans can be wiped like a hard drive. Learning new tech skills and networking are obvious ways to solidify your career. But what about accidental ways that could put your career in a slide? Hidden hazards — silent career killers? Some tech pitfalls may not be obvious.

To tease out notable ways people end up hurting their prospects, we talked to a number of IT pros, recruiters, and developers about how to build a bulletproof career and avoid lesser-known pitfalls. Read on to see how to navigate them.  

Jumping ship

There’s nothing like a truly horrific work situation to bring your career path into focus. The question is whether you’d improve your career by changing jobs — or just hitting the eject button.

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