How to assemble a highly effective analytics team

The right mix of skills, strong leadership and stretch goals are just a few of the secrets to building a top-notch analytics team primed to derive lasting value from your data.

How to assemble a highly effective analytics team

Effective data analytics can be a competitive differentiator today, giving companies keen insights into customer preferences, product development and usage trends, and market gyrations that others don’t see.

To get the most out of their analytics efforts, businesses need to assemble a highly talented team to make sense of all the data that’s coming in from multiple sources, and to translate the analyses into real value for the organization.

What does it take to create a crackerjack analytics team? Here are some key best practices provided by experts.

Just the right mix of expertise

Broadly speaking, a high-performing analytics team needs to have three basic skills: technical data skills to empower the team, analytical skills to drive the work itself, and business skills to ensure the right work is being done and that it’s driving business value, says Dan Magestro, senior manager of advanced analytics at consulting firm West Monroe.

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