Africa trends 2018: Improved connectivity will drive tech

Increased connectivity will continue to spur four big tech trends on the African continent in 2018

Next year’s technology trends are going to ride on the massive broadband connectivity being witnessed across the continent.

With internet penetration for the continent standing at 31.2 percent, Africa still has a great runway to propel technology into business and social lives.

Africa is still below the 51.7 percent world average. Discussions on how to lower the cost of broadband and internet services will take centre stage as most telecom companies realise the stagnation of voice services and the uptake of internet services.

Public and private companies will no longer see internet connectivity for their business and their customers as a luxury, but view it as a route to lower cost and becoming efficient.

Exponential growth for broadband connectivity

In its latest report the Communication Authority of Kenya recorded over 15.4 million broadband subscriptions in the country. Players in the broadband sector have been aggressive over the past year, forecasting huge adoption of broadband in the coming year.

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