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Winter 2018: State of the CIO — IT-business alignment (finally) gets real

The 2018 State of the CIO survey found stronger cooperation and better alignment between IT and its LOB partners, especially as digital transformation initiatives heat up.

Gwen Keraval

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Highlights from the issue:

Cover story
IT-business alignment (finally) gets real
After years of casual courting, IT and business are finally forging effective ways of working together to pursue shared objectives for digital transformation.

Emerging Tech
Projects primed for machine learning
With AI becoming strategic, look for projects that can give you quick business wins.

Transformation Nation
Matson delivers unified success
Food-service company HMSHost harnesses cross-channel data to optimize dining experiences for hungry travelers.

Leading Tech
4 things successful CIOs know about digital transformation

IDC estimates spending on digital transformation will exceed $2 trillion in 2019; 40 percent of all technology spending will be for digital transformation technologies.

Rethink your IT budgets
Your IT resolution for 2018: build better budget habits.

Applying Tech
Driving automobile design at Ford

Microsoft's HoloLens is transforming several of Ford's design processes. Here's an inside look.

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