10 technologies that will disrupt business in 2021

From AI to serverless computing, these 10 disruptive technologies and trends are transforming the business landscape in the wake of the pandemic and beyond.

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Until recently, disruption in IT meant something very different than sending everybody home to work for a year. But the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the technology landscape, stalling some approaches and systems, while speeding the adoption of others.

In our recent State of the CIO survey, tech leaders placed AI and machine learning at the top of their list of technologies most likely to significantly impact how businesses operate in 2021. IT leaders also see big data and analytics having a distinct impact, along with less widely adopted technologies such as blockchain.

We reached out to IT leaders and industry analysts to get their take on which technologies pose the most disruptive potential in 2021, with some offering perspective on which technologies might be in favor as the pandemic subsides.

AI and machine learning

The near ubiquity of artificial intelligence across industries is helping businesses make decisions and increasing convenience for customers, but it’s been accompanied by growing pains. While 62% of IT leaders surveyed in our State of the CIO report see AI as a key disrupter in 2021, Michael Ringman, CIO of Telus International, shares a widely held view that AI requires intentional ethical practices during development, to avoid biases. And he suggests an approach that isn’t just silicon-based.

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