4 hot digital transformation trends — and 4 going cold

Now considered essential to business success, digital transformations are redefining the business-IT relationship, reshaping technology portfolios, and revolutionizing how work gets done.

6 hot digital transformation trends — and 4 going cold
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Digital transformation’ has become embedded into the tech lexicon, as most organizations have moved full throttle into enhancing internal and external business outcomes.

Their efforts are paying off. Some 89 percent of IT decision makers report that their digital innovation investments have been “moderately or very successful,” according to Insight’s 2019 Intelligent Technology Index.

And CIOs continue to drive digital transformation initiatives most often (28 percent), although CEOs are increasingly playing a leadership role (23 percent), according to Altimeter’s 2018-19 State of Digital Transformation.

Inevitably, when they talk trends, IT leaders discuss their efforts to modernize legacy systems and expand on data lakes to create one version of the truth. This enables them to mine insights that help deliver value and create better solutions for clients, they say. But certain trends have emerged along the way while others have started to fizzle.

Here is a look at what CIOs and other IT leaders and observers are seeing.

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