IT Resume Makeover: Highlighting transformational leadership

To move up the ladder, focus your resume on your strongest traits — and back up those assertions with actionable results you’ve achieved at each step along your career trajectory.

When seeking an IT leadership role, your resume needs to tell a different story than it may have for previous rungs on the ladder. It needs to present your greatest strengths as a leader and highlight results you’ve achieved along the way, based on those strengths.

For Tony Stark (name changed for this article), this shift in focus would be all about transformational leadership. Stark turned once again to J.M. Auron, owner of Quantum Tech Resumes, for a resume makeover. Stark had previously sought Auron’s help writing his last resume, which helped him land his most recent IT leadership role. Ready to move up the ladder, Stark knew he had to update his resume to better align with an IT executive career path.

“My goal was to make a significant advancement in my career and I needed a top-notch professional resume to accomplish this task,” says Stark.

Auron already had a sense of Stark’s accomplishments and skills, but he had to catch up on what Stark had been up to since they last spoke. After a few conversations and interviews, Auron was able to gain a sense of what Stark wanted out of his resume and how to help him make the next step in his career. The key? Write your resume for the job you want, not the job you have.

The following resume makeover lends insights on how to take your management-level resume and turn it into an executive-worthy document that outlines your leadership capabilities.

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