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Four emerging technologies that transform data into the fuel for business success

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Dell EMC

By Steve Todd

I recently participated in a presentation and panel session at Dell EMC’s Field Readiness Seminar (FRS) in Las Vegas. The subject was four emerging technologies that transform data into the fuel for business success:

  • IoT
  • AI/ML/DL
  • AR/VR
  • Blockchain

Each of these trends was presented within the context of the great challenge that is facing every enterprise company today and in the years to come: extracting data’s value. The topic of data valuation is one of the more significant themes emerging out of Dell EMC CTO John Roese’s predictions for 2018. I published a post recently sharing my own observations on his predictions.

At FRS we kicked off our session with an apropos and poignant data valuation example from Caesar’s Palace. As part of their bankruptcy proceedings their Total Rewards Customer Loyalty Program database has been valued at one billion dollars and was assessed as Caesar’s most valuable asset. Not the buildings, not the land, not the slot machines and tables – the data.

I told the audience that this story crystallizes why our customers are trying to determine what their data is worth. (It could be a GREAT DEAL.) More to the point: How can they most effectively value and leverage their data assets in a way that maximizes revenue, decreases operational expenditures, and reduces risk?

The strategy to help our customers in this regard was laid out by four different speakers:

But this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve been at the vanguard of emerging technologies. Over three decades ago, we saw the need for radical innovation in storage, as the data deluge was just getting under way. We met that need by building on the potential of RAID5, write caching, and data protection algorithms to engineer the market leading storage portfolio we have today. Going forward, we see similarly massive potential in the coming together of IoT, AI/ML/DL, AR/VR, and blockchain. We see this not as four separate technologies, but as a strategic convergence to lay a new foundation – one that will transform data into fuel for our business and our customers for years to come.

Steve Todd is a software engineer and inventor for Dell EMC with over 170 patents granted by the USPTO.  He earned Bachelors and Master’s Degrees in Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire. His inventions have generated tens of billions of dollars in revenue for Dell EMC. Steve is a Dell EMC Fellow and currently serves as the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation in the Office of the CTO, with a research emphasis on multicloud solutions, data value, and blockchain.

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