16 tips for a smooth switch to agile project management

If your company is interested in making the switch to agile project management, here are some tips and strategies to help smooth the transition.

Agile project management: 16 tips for a smooth switch to agile

Shifting to agile project management can greatly increase your project’s prospects for success. The methodology, which makes use of short development cycles to provide continuous improvement in developing a product or service, is being used across many industries due to its highly collaborative and efficient processes.

But once your organization has weighed its options and made the decision to switch to agile, how can you ensure a smooth transition that benefits both your business and your customers? The following tips and strategies will aid you along the way, greatly enhancing the chances that your organization will pull off a shift to agile without a hitch.

Identify and document your business goals

Prior to jumping to a new project management methodology, it's important to identify and document your business goals and establish how the switch to a new methodology will better enable you to meet those goals. Business analysis ensures the methodologies employed in your business are effective in helping reach company-wide objectives. There should be a clear line between the methodologies used and how they aid project teams to meet business goals.

Analyze your company hierarchy and culture

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