What can CIOs do to boost workplace productivity?

Workplace productivity is stagnating despite growing technology investment – what can IT leadership do to turn this around?

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Technology and productivity are often seen to go hand-in-hand, yet a recent Citrix-commissioned report, published by Lancaster University’s Work Foundation, highlighted that despite growing digitization, the majority of employees feel they’re no more productive today than they were three years ago.

The report, entitled Productivity, technology and working anywhere [pdf], points out that a positive link between workplace productivity and correctly-implemented technology is undeniable, but that productivity is being held back by outdated IT, a lack of innovation, poor business planning and a low uptake of flexible working cultures.

Much of this can be changed by IT leadership implementing change from the top down. Managers questioned for the report noted key drivers for productivity included stronger leadership, better technology and more flexible working practices, so we asked the experts what IT leadership can do to make changes for the better.

Better technology

Outdated IT equipment is one of the many issues that is stalling productivity according to the Work Foundation’s report and it is clear that more up-to-date and faster performing systems are required in many businesses.

“Any old IT won’t cut it – it is clear that up-to-date, fast and performing technology is required to make the difference between enhanced productivity and inefficiency,” says Michelle Senecal de Fonseca, Area Vice President, Northern Europe at Citrix.

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