Future-proof your IT career with these critical skills

In the era of digital transformation, IT pros must adjust to a rapidly shifting technology and business landscape. Here’s a long-term look at where to aim your career in the years ahead.

With technology proliferating throughout the enterprise, it’s not surprising that the number of IT jobs in the United States is projected to grow significantly in the coming decade. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment in computer and information technology occupations to grow 13 percent by 2026, well above the overall job growth rate of 7.4 percent.

IT leaders, recruiters and industry researchers say most of the skills that IT workers have today will still be needed in the future, but some specific skills will be in higher demand than others, and IT roles and positions will have to adjust to an emerging technology and business landscape.

“Growth is projected for nearly every IT occupation we see now through 2024, but the roles are changing and evolving,” says Tim Herbert, senior vice president of research and market intelligence at IT trade association CompTIA.

Here’s a look at what experts expect to be the hottest skills three to five years down the road — and which skills will face waning demand in the years ahead.

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