IT makeover: From cost center to revenue driver

If your company views IT as a function to be managed cost-effectively, it may be time to get innovative and elevate the perception and role of IT — to the benefit of your company and career.

IT makeover: From cost center to revenue driver

When the leaders of your company think about IT, do they consider it a necessary support function like legal or HR? Or do they see IT as a revenue driver that helps move the whole organization toward its financial goals?

Most experts agree that your team, your budget and your own role as an executive will benefit if IT is seen as a source of revenue, innovation and competitive advantage, rather than a function to be managed as cost-effectively as possible. And because you’ll be helping your company’s leaders use technology to gain competitive advantage, find new markets or strengthen relationships with customers, your organization will do better as well.

“IT for a long time was considered back-office only,” says Merim Becirovic, global managing director for global digital infrastructure at Accenture. “But there’s much more to it than legal and finance and all those other support functions.”

If your company’s leaders see IT as a cost center, and their main concern is how to pay less for it, how do you change their minds? It won’t be a quick process. And it will mean altering both how IT is perceived and what it actually does, Becirovic says. But it’s well worth the effort. Here’s how to make the transition.

1. Propose innovation to the business

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