7 tips for battle-testing new technologies

CIOs offer recommendations for conducting proof-of-concept technology tests, as well as vendor “bake-offs.”

7 tips for battle-testing new technologies

Courting new technologies is a risk for IT leaders, who must wisely allocate finite budgets to hardware, software and services they believe will support business operations. Bad bets can set the company back years and ultimately prove catastrophic for CIOs.

This is particularly true in the digital era, as a proliferation of newer technologies such as cloud, analytics and machine learning render vendor selection more vital than ever. To select the best tools for the tasks, CIOs conduct "proof-of-concepts" (PoCs), essentially pilot tests in which they model how technologies will run in their organizations.

Frequently these experiments include “bake-offs,” or competitions between vendors with similar solutions. Technologies that don't run well are quickly jettisoned in an era where failing fast is fashionable and getting a viable solution into production is the ultimate goal.

CIOs recently shared with CIO.com details about PoCs and bakeoffs they have conducted, along with tips on how other IT leaders should approach battle-testing new tech.

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