Golden State Warriors shoot to augment fan experience with digital tech

The NBA's defending champions are using chatbots, augmented and virtual reality to bolster fan engagement. Now they're sifting through fan data to better target them with merchandise, tickets and other offers.

Golden State Warriors shoot to augment fan experience with digital tech
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Boasting a line-up that includes All-Stars Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, it's hard for the Golden State Warriors to improve the product it puts on the basketball court each night. Even so, the organization's technology team is raising its game, launching chatbots on multiple platforms and experimenting with virtual and augmented reality to curry more favor with fans.

The Warriors are also seeking new ways to use data analytics to better personalize the fan experience, including more convenient ways to purchase food, beverages and merchandise, Jennifer Millet, Golden State Warriors vice president of marketing and digital, tells as the Warriors prepare to battle the Houston Rockets for the Western Conference championship.

The Warriors, which have won two of the past three NBA titles and averaged more than 60 wins per season for the past four years, have a dynasty in the making, on the court. Here’s how the organization’s digital team is gearing up to extend that success in the arena of customer experience.

Chatbots on fans’ platforms of choice

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