How Kroger transforms IT innovation to revenue generation

Interactive shelf displays, IoT sensor systems and a mobile shopping system are among the technologies Kroger is selling to interested parties through a new venture. Kroger CIO Chris Hjelm oversaw the innovations.

How Kroger transforms IT innovation to revenue generation

As U.S. grocery chains go, Kroger is an outlier for its early-adopter approach to technologies, including internet of things (IoT), data analytics and mobile applications and services, to better serve customers. Now the company is commercializing its investments, selling software, hardware and other products to rivals and other retailers.

Kroger earlier this year launched Sunrise Technologies, an investment unit whose remit is commercializing proprietary technology the company's IT team has built and deployed in its 2,800 stores. "It's pretty exciting to be in a position where we’re commercializing, on a global basis, the things that have been successful," Kroger CIO Chris Hjelm tells

It's also the latest in a booming trend in which CIOs are conjuring up innovations that generate new revenue streams.

Rise of the CIO as revenue generator

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