How IoT will reinvent supply chain management

Companies are increasingly adding IoT to their logistics operations in pursuit of greater visibility and efficiency in their supply chains — and to stave off disruptions to come.

How IoT will reinvent supply chain management

When you call for an Uber, the app shows you a picture of the driver, gives you a description of the car, and includes a map so you can see where your ride is. Plus, you can communicate directly with the driver, in case they need help finding you.

This kind of visibility is coming to the global supply chain as well, allowing sellers and buyers to track their containers, pallets, boxes, and even individual high-value items as they move around the world.

It's not just optimizing delivery times. It's also about ensuring that products don't get damaged during shipping, and getting counterfeit products out of the supply chain.

In pharmaceuticals, for example, counterfeit drugs cost the industry between $75 and $200 billion annually, according to the U.S. Commerce Department.

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