The future of manufacturing is digital

Forward-thinking manufacturers are moving beyond building great products, undertaking wide-ranging digital transformations to deliver new services and enhanced customer experiences.

The future of manufacturing is digital

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is under way, and leading manufacturers are deploying technology not only on their factory floors and back offices but throughout their entire value chain. The result? Significant changes in what manufacturers produce and sell — and how they conduct business and make money. Their embrace of technology is transforming who they are.

Consider the case of KONE Corp.

KONE has manufactured machinery and industry components for a century, making elevators, escalators and automatic doors found in buildings around the world. The company also has had a service component throughout its existence, providing technicians to repair its own and its competitors’ equipment.

But KONE says it’s not simply a manufacturer anymore: It’s a solutions provider. It doesn’t just make and fix machines that transport people; it provides the intelligence to efficiently manage the flow of people.

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