How AI is reshaping IT operations

IT organizations are adopting AI-based tools to improve support, optimize infrastructure, and predict system breakdowns, freeing up staff for higher-value tasks.

How AI is reshaping IT operations

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Artificial intelligence is starting to eat the world, one step at a time, and IT operations is no exception.

Although still early in deployment, companies are taking advantage of AI and machine learning to improve tech support and manage infrastructure. Here, natural language processing is proving to be a valuable IT tool. The technology, which fuels most customer service chatbots, is being put to us in internal IT operations, to improve tech support and user interfaces.

Credit Suisse Group AG, for example, rolled out a chatbot last December to help process routine requests such as password resets and computer reboots.

"We were primarily a voice-only support center, which didn't enable us to have efficiencies in terms of how we handled our users queries," says Jennifer Hewit, the company's head of cognitive and digital services.

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